By joining SocialWorkCAS, your program becomes part of a national initiative for promotion and visibility, data collection and management, and the sharing of best practices. Additionally, SocialWorkCAS enables a simplified and streamlined admissions process.

Benefits include the following:

  • Accessing a rich database of applicant and matriculant data via WebAdMIT, an application service available to CSWE members at no cost
  • Reaching a more diverse and national student base
  • Maintaining individual workflow, branding, and admissions processes
  • Increasing efficiencies in the admissions process
  • Collecting essential data to benchmark and forecast applicant trends

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SocialWorkCAS allows you to customize branding and program-specific admissions requirements (e.g., transcripts, coursework entry, custom questions, essays, documents). The designated primary contact at your school will be responsible for setting up your school’s program listing on the application. Below is a summary of the steps:

  • Step 1: Submit the SocialWorkCAS Enrollment Form
  • Step 2: Attend two WebAdMIT training webinars
  • Step 3: Complete program set-up through WebAdMIT
  • Step 4: Update your website to include information about SocialWorkCAS
  • Step 5: Open programs on the SocialWorkCAS application

If you would like to learn more about enrolling in SocialWorkCAS, please let us know here.

Implementation Recommendations

  • Determine who the internal stakeholders are at your school.
  • Designate a project lead(s) for SocialWorkCAS.
  • Decide when you will “go live” on the SocialWorkCAS application. We recommend that you post programs 6 weeks in advance of a deadline if SocialWorkCAS is going to be your “sole” application method.
  • Consider how your current application process works. What information and documents are collected?
  • Determine if you will need to import the SocialWorkCAS data into your student information system (e.g., PeopleSoft, Banner, Datatel).
  • Consider how you educate applicants about your admissions process (e.g., website, information sessions, open houses, campus visits, advising sessions, print publications). Information will need to be updated to include SocialWorkCAS.

SocialWorkCAS staff will work with you to ensure the smooth implementation of the application service at your institution, as well as provide recommendations, best practices, support, and training. Download the entire enrollment checklist here.

The following master’s level programs are enrolled in SocialWorkCAS:

A full list of social work programs, including SocialWorkCAS participants and nonparticipants, can be found in the CSWE Directory of Accredited Programs.

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