By joining SocialWorkCAS, your program becomes part of a national initiative for promotion and visibility, data collection and management, and the sharing of best practices. Additionally, SocialWorkCAS enables a simplified and streamlined admissions process.

Benefits include the following:

  • Accessing a rich database of applicant and matriculant data via WebAdMIT, an application service available to CSWE members at no cost
  • Reaching a more diverse and national student base
  • Maintaining individual workflow, branding, and admissions processes
  • Increasing efficiencies in the admissions process
  • Collecting essential data to benchmark and forecast applicant trends

Why Join?

With a CAS, you can market your school nationally, go paperless, and deliver a better applicant experience with dedicated customer service and an intuitive online application. More than 31,000 programs have already adopted a CAS. Why not join them?

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