SocialWorkCAS allows applicants to use a single online application and one set of materials to apply to multiple master’s of social work programs at participating schools. A full list of social work programs, including SocialWorkCAS participants and nonparticipants, can be found in the CSWE Directory of Accredited Programs.

Benefits include the following:

  • Reducing time and costs associated with duplicate applications, data entry, letters of reference, transcripts, and supporting materials for those applying to more than one school by using a single online application
  • Using a comprehensive online checklist and instructions to help applicants easily navigate through the application
  • Enabling applicants to check their application status online or on a smartphone 24/7 to track the receipt of applications, transcripts, and references
  • Accessing dedicated and knowledgeable SocialWorkCAS support staff throughout the application cycle

Questions about your application or application status?  Please contact SocialWorkCAS Customer Service at (857)-304-2016 or


SocialWorkCAS, the centralized application service for social work, simplifies the process of applying to master’s level programs. Prospective students submit a single application and transcripts to SocialWorkCAS participating programs, and upload any supplemental information requested by selected programs (e.g., questions, essays, etc.) directly through the secure online portal.

Unlike typical school-based application services, you create a single account with SocialWorkCAS allowing access to all of your applications at any time and to select additional programs if desired. The user friendly portal contains detailed instructions about each section of the application. To assist with the process, please take a moment to review the Before You Apply information.

Programs participating in SocialWorkCAS have real-time access to your application and supplemental materials required to make an admission decision. It’s important to note that SocialWorkCAS only processes the application; schools and programs have full control over admissions decisions.

The SocialWorkCAS portal contains detailed instructions for applicants.

  • Create your SocialWorkCAS account.
  • Using the individual website for each social work program that you are interested in applying to, check for program specific requirements and to make sure the program is participating in SocialWorkCAS.
    • Keep in mind that not all social work programs are participating in the CAS. View the Participating Programs tab for a full list of enrolled schools.
    • A full list of social work programs, including SocialWorkCAS participants and nonparticipants, can be found in the CSWE Directory of Accredited Programs.
  • Contact three or more individuals (such as a professor, advisor, field instructor, or recent supervisor) prior to starting the application process and ask whether they are willing to write reference letters for you.
    • Once you begin the application, you will be able to add contact information for your selected references.
    • Notifications will go out electronically to the e-mail addresses you provide with instructions for completing the letter and the rating scale.
  • Before applying, obtain student copies of each of your college transcripts to assist you in entering coursework in the Transcript Entry section of the application. You may also want to collect additional supporting materials, including but not limited to:
    • Personal Statements
    • Documents (example: resume)
    • Licensure and Certification Information
  • SocialWorkCAS also requires official transcripts from each college you have attended. As you add each name to the College Attended section, you will be offered a Transcript Request Form. Additional transcript details are available in the Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions section of the application.
  • To avoid missing important communications from SocialWorkCAS, turn off your e-mail’s spam/junk filters for the duration of the application cycle.
    • If you can’t do this, add and domain to your allowed e-mail address list.
    • Also, please check your spam or junk mail folders periodically throughout the cycle, and check the Notifications section of your application frequently.
  • When applying through SocialWorkCAS, the preferred browsers are Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • If you have questions about your application status, please contact your SocialWorkCAS Customer Service Representative at (857)-304-2016 or

SocialWorkCAS Fee Structure


Master’s Level Programs
First Program $75.00
Each Additional Program $45.00

We encourage you to submit your application and all your required materials at least 4 weeks prior to the deadline for your designated program(s).

  • All deadlines are at 11:59pm EASTERN time on the date listed on the application.
  • You must apply to at least one program in order to submit your application through SocialWorkCAS.

Consult each program’s page in the “Program Materials” section of the application to see which programs charge a supplemental (or school-specific) fee in addition to the SocialWorkCAS fee.

  • Note: You must submit any supplemental fees directly to the program(s) you are applying to; SocialWorkCAS does not process supplemental fees on behalf of the schools. SocialWorkCAS cannot give a refund or transfer the payment to another program if a selection was made in error.

Applicants may apply for a financial income fee waiver. Fee waiver requests must be submitted and approved prior to submitting applications through SocialWorkCAS. SocialWorkCAS will not grant a refund on applications submitted prior to approval of a financial income participation fee waiver.

A limited number of fee waivers are available through the SocialWorkCAS Fee Assistance Program, and are worth $75 each. They are given out to qualified applicants until available funds run out for the cycle. These waivers cover the initial application fee and allow applicants to apply to ONE SCHOOL ONLY. If an applicant receives a fee waiver and wishes to apply to more than one school, they are still responsible for the additional fees of $45 per program.

To be considered for a fee waiver, you must have a filed 2015 Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ. If you are still claimed as a dependent by a parent or guardian, SocialWorkCAS requires that individual’s Federal Income Tax Return instead of your own.

Click here for information about how to apply for a financial income fee waiver.

When can applicants start their application to programs on the SocialWorkCAS 2016 – 2017 Cycle?

The SocialWorkCAS application cycle opened on September 1, 2016. Applicants can log into the system on this date and start applying to programs. New applicants need to create an account.

When is the application deadline?

Programs have individual deadlines that can be found in the Add Program section of the SocialWorkCAS application or listed on each program’s website.

What timeframe will the application not be available to applicants?

The SocialWorkCAS application will be unavailable for one day (August 31, 2017) in order to make service enhancements for the upcoming application cycle. Transcripts and references will not be processed during that timeframe either. However, please note that during that time school users will have access to WebAdMIT.

Do I need to print my SocialWorkCAS application if I am submitting it electronically?

Applicants should print out a copy of the application for their personal records only. Do not send printed copies of your application to SocialWorkCAS or your designated programs.

If I am applying to more than one program, do I need to create a new application for each one?

No. SocialWorkCAS is a centralized application service designed to allow you to apply to as many of the participating programs as you would like using a single application. You are only required to send one set of documents (transcripts, references, etc.) to SocialWorkCAS.

Creating multiple applications will cost you more money and will delay the processing of your application to the programs you have designated. Duplicate accounts for an individual are not permitted and will be deleted. SocialWorkCAS is not responsible for the delays in the processing of your application due to multiple accounts.

Can I apply to more programs after I’ve submitted the application?

Yes. Applicants can log into their application and designate more programs throughout the entire application cycle.

The following master’s level programs are enrolled in SocialWorkCAS:

A full list of social work programs, including SocialWorkCAS participants and nonparticipants, can be found in the CSWE Directory of Accredited Programs.

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Questions about your application or application status?

Please contact SocialWorkCAS
Customer Service
at (857)-304-2016