SocialWorkCAS allows applicants to use a single online application and one set of materials to apply to multiple master’s-level social work programs. A full list of social work programs, including SocialWorkCAS participants and nonparticipants, can be found in the CSWE Directory of Accredited Programs.

With SocialWorkCAS, students:

  • Save time and money—Submit transcripts, letters of reference, and supporting application materials once to apply to multiple schools
  • Track application status—Monitor receipt of application materials 24/7 on a desktop or mobile device
  • Get support quickly—The dedicated support team is ready to assist you in navigating the application


Questions about your application or application status?

Visit the Applicant Help Center or contact SocialWorkCAS Customer Service at (857) 304-2016 or

Before You Apply


Items to Research and Collect

  • View the Participating Programs tab for a full list of schools participating in SocialWorkCAS. Keep in mind that not all social work programs are participating in the CAS.
  • Check the individual website for each social work program that you are interested in applying to for program-specific requirements and information.
  • Contact three or more individuals (e.g., professor, field instructor, recent supervisor) prior to starting the application process and ask whether they are willing to submit reference letters for you.
  • Obtain personal copies of each of your college transcripts to assist you in entering coursework in the Transcript Entry section of the application.

We encourage you to submit your application and all your required materials at least 4 weeks prior to the deadline of your designated program(s). All deadlines are 11:59 pm EASTERN time on the date listed.

Application System Requirements

  • When applying through SocialWorkCAS, the preferred browsers are Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • Check your e-mail for important messages from SocialWorkCAS. Turn off your e-mail’s spam/junk filters for the duration of the application cycle to avoid missing communications.
    • If you can’t do this, add and domain to your allowed e-mail address list.

Login to your application frequently to check the status of your application and to check for any messages that may not have been delivered to your e-mail.

Application Overview

Applicants create an account in the SocialWorkCAS online portal and follow the six-step process outlined below to submit applications within the system.

For more detailed instructions on the application process, download the PDF.

General Application Questions

When is the application deadline?

Programs have individual deadlines that can be found in the Add Program section of the SocialWorkCAS application or listed on each program’s website.

What timeframe will the application not be available to applicants?

The SocialWorkCAS application will be unavailable for one day (August 22, 2018) in order to make service enhancements for the upcoming application cycle. Transcripts and references will not be processed during that timeframe either. However, please note that during that time school users will have access to WebAdMIT.

Can I apply to more programs after I’ve submitted the application?

Yes. Applicants can log into their application and designate more programs throughout the entire application cycle.

I haven’t heard back from my references. What should I do?

We suggest re-sending the reference email to your recommenders. You can edit a Requested or Accepted Reference under Supporting Information. Once you navigate to that section, click on the blue pencil button. Within that page, you’ll see a re-send button that you can click to resend a request.

I’m ready to submit, but I don’t know if you received my transcripts. Should I wait?

No need — go ahead and submit! As long as you’ve sent the official request for transcripts to your school’s registrar office (or schools’ registrar offices, if you’ve attended multiple schools), then you’re all set when it comes to transcripts. You can submit your application even before we receive them. I’m sending my transcript to SocialWorkCAS.

Why do I have to also manually enter my coursework?

In addition to requesting official transcripts, SocialWorkCAS requires you to enter all completed coursework to help us ensure your GPA calculations are accurate. It’ll save you time in the long run because admissions staff are guaranteed correct application information.

Whoops! I forgot to request that the Transcript Request Form be mailed along with my official transcript. Will you accept a transcript without it?

Including a Transcript Request Form with your transcript will help us to process the document faster since we won’t have to search for your additional information in our database, but it’s fine if you forgot to include it. We’ll still accept your transcript as long as it’s an official version mailed directly to SocialWorkCAS from your school(s).

There’s something weird going on — The address for transcripts is not the same as my school of interest’s address. Am I really supposed to send my transcript to Massachusetts?

You read that right! Your transcripts will be processed by Liaison International in Watertown, Massachusetts rather than by our office so be sure to request that they’re sent to the address provided rather than to our school’s address. Here it is again, in case it’s helpful:

SocialWorkCAS Transcript Processing Center
P.O. Box 9212
Watertown, MA 02471

Oh no! I chose the wrong program. Can I change it?

You can. You’ll need to have at least one program selected at all times in SocialWorkCAS so go ahead and add your new program. Once you do, you’ll be able to deselect the incorrect one.

Download the entire FAQ below.


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