Application Services

Liaison streamlines your processes so you can spend time on what matters most — recruiting, admitting and enrolling best-fit students. To that end, SocialWorkCAS™ includes the following services:

  • Application processing services and verification. We physically receive and scan application materials and supporting documentation, helping you go paperless. We also verify that no application is received by your office until it’s complete. This speeds your decision, allowing you to reclaim headcount and focus your enrollment efforts on reaching the next level.
  • Coursework entry. We take on prerequisite coursework entry, transcript authentication and GPA calculations.
  • Applicant support. We handle applicant support for technical questions, leaving the recruiting to you. We respond to questions about progress on the application, whether materials have been received and other questions related to the online application via phone, email or chat.
  • Document storage. We serve as your postal point of contact, collecting and storing all official transcripts and printed documents in a secure facility for up to two admissions cycles.
  • Test score and foreign credential evaluation (optional). Through partnerships with virtually every global testing provider and transcript authority, we streamline the handling and evaluation of official test scores and foreign credentials.

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